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  • Little Frog Game - available on my itch page:

  • Little Frog Game - Original Soundtrack also available on my Bandcamp!


Hello! My name is Jordan Michael Reed, also known as Jamphibious. I am a versatile composer based in Ontario, Canada. With a strong passion for video games and the music therein, I strive to bring all kinds of worlds to life with my musical voice. My sound is influenced by a wide range of styles including jazz/fusion, rock, funk, and classic 90s video games.My previous video game works include providing story BGM for the mobile game NOISZ STΔRLIVHT, composing the Title Theme for Jubilee (available on Steam), the full OST to the Wii U game Armored ACORNs, as well as contributing a track to the popular Smash Bros mod Project M. I've also taken part in a handful of game jam projects for both music composition and sound design. I am currently active in the indie game scene bringing my sound to some exciting new projects!I've also written a variety of original works over the years, as well as various VGM arrangements, some of which have been featured on the website OverClocked ReMix.


Below you can hear some selections of my work, including music featured in video games as well as original work inspired by VGM.

Demo Reels:

NOISZ STΔRLIVHT (Mobile - 2022)

Music for visual novel story segments.

Jubilee (PC - 2021)

Title theme for the precision platformer Jubilee.

Quantum Qitty (PC - 2021):

Music written during Ludum Dare 49.

Year of the Frog (Full Album - 2021):

A collection of original music I've written over the years, inspired by VGM.


30 Minute Compositions:

All below tracks composed in 30 minutes given a quick writing prompt.


????????????Early Access 2022
Little Frog GameComposer / Artist / DeveloperSelfPC2022
NOISZ STΔRLIVHTComposer - Additional MusicAnarch EntertainmentiOS / Android2022
JubileeComposer - Title ThemeJason Perry (finalbossblues)PC2021
Armored ACORNsComposer - Original SoundtrackNexcra SoftwareWii U2017


NameTypeRelease Date
Newt Suit RevolutionSingleJanuary 7th, 2022
Year of the FrogAlbumMay 19, 2021
Summer Drive '95SingleMarch 4, 2021
FRONKSingleOctober 30, 2020
Starflight: Mission 0XEPJuly 3, 2020
Jamphibious Volume 2: Press START to JAMEPMarch 7, 2020
Starflight: Mission 01EPNovember 17, 2017
Jamphibious Volume 1EPAugust 18, 2017
The Tadpole YearsAlbumAugust 17, 2017

Some of my original music is available for licensing, if you are interested please feel free to reach out!



Godot Wild Jam #45First Person Shoveler (Music)2022
Godot Wild Jam #43Combinoclops (Music)2022
Global Game Jam 2022IN (Music and SFX)2022
Ludum Dare 49Quantum Qitty (Music and SFX)2021
My First Game Jam - Winter 2021Jamrunner (Composer / Artist / Developer)2021


Scarlet Moon Christmas: Volume VIDreaming (White Christmas Fusion Arrange)2021
Project M (Patch 3.6)Super Smash Bros. Arrangement2015
OverClocked ReMixVarious VGM arrangements2013 - 2020


You can view my latest developments and hear my latest music on the platforms listed below.You can also contact me via e-mail if you are interested in hiring me to create some original music for your next game or project!

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