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About Me

Hello!My name is Jordan, though I commonly go by Jamphibious. I am a composer, arranger, sound designer, game developer, and all around video game enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. From a young age I've always been fascinated by video games, particularly the music therein. I've worked to pursue my passion for both games and music over the years, beginning with various original musical works, fan arrangements, and eventually creating music for games. I've also been learning various aspects of game development using the Godot engine, creating a handful of small projects.

I've had the honour of having my audio work featured in a number of amazing projects. Some of my works include remixing the main theme from Fraymakers, composing the title theme for Jubilee, contributing additional music to NOISZ STΔRLIVHT and White Clothes, composing the original soundtrack to Armored ACORNs on the Wii U, as well as work on additional upcoming titles.

My music is influenced by many styles that I have been exposed to over the years. As a kid I enjoyed various video game classics, often hanging out in the sound test menu in my favourite SEGA games. I have a particular fondness for the sound of games from the 90s and early 2000s. I enjoy all kinds of music outside of VGM as well, including jazz, fusion, prog, rock, funk, hip hop, EDM, orchestral, and more - I work to bring the sum of my influences together in a unique way.

Audio Samples

Video Game Works

Original Works

Select Video Game Credits

Bombing!! 2: A Graffiti ParadiseDevon WiersmaComposer (Licensed Music)2023PC
White ClothesMokomuGameComposer (Additional Music)2023PC
FraymakersMcCleod GamingArranger (Main Theme)2023PC / Switch
NOISZ STΔRLIVHTAnarch EntertainmentComposer (Additional Music)2022Mobile
JubileefinalbossbluesComposer (Title Theme)2021PC
Armored ACORNsNexcra SoftwareComposer (Original Soundtrack)2017Wii U

Game Development Works

Little Frog Game

  • Release Date: May 5th, 2022

  • Platforms: PC, Linux, Web

  • Genre: Platformer

  • Price: Free!

Little Frog Game is a little game about a little frog. Jump around through various levels to collect flies and beetles, while avoiding hazards along the way.Little Frog must also stay hydrated! His hydration meter will slowly drain, with little pools of freshwater in each level acting as checkpoints and a place to refresh.Developed from scratch in Godot 3, this was my first attempt at completing a full game outside of a game jam context. While it ended up very simple and bite-sized, I came out of it learning a lot and eager to continue my game dev journey.Little Frog's adventures are not over yet!You can get the game on my itch page here:

You can also check out the original soundtrack on my Bandcamp below, or various music streaming services.


  • Release Date: January 2021

  • Platforms: PC

  • Genre: Runner

  • Price: Free!

Jamrunner was a game I created from scratch during the appropriately titled "My First Game Jam" in Winter 2021. It was, indeed, my first game jam and I had only recently learned some basics in Godot.The game is rather simple being an auto runner, and the only goal is to get 50 coins and not fall into pits or hit any hazards. You may also notice that I reused some of the assets from Jamrunner in Little Frog Game, most notably the parallax background layers for the forest stage. I used the same colour palette for the assets in both games so I was able to start with a handful of assets ready which was nice.You can get the game on my itch page here:

The theme song I wrote for Jamrunner was included in my "Year of the Frog" compilation album, which you can find on my Bandcamp or various streaming services.

In Development / Planned

GameGenreAdditional Info
Frog Game 2 (Title Pending)PlatformerA more robust sequel to Litlte Frog Game, planned to be a more fleshed out experience with many worlds, an overworld map, and other expanded features.

Get In Touch!

If you are interested in working together or inquiring about my audio work, you can contact me using the form below, or directly via e-mail

You can also follow my latest developments on some platforms below:

Or listen to my work on various music services:

Header frog model designed by Hayd_n
Portfolio player designed and developed by Motch

Shipped Game Titles

Bombing!! 2: A Graffiti ParadiseDevon WiersmaComposer (Licensed Music)2023PC
White ClothesMokomuGameComposer (Additional Music)2023PC
FraymakersMcCleod GamingArranger (Main Theme)2023PC / Switch
Little Frog GameSelfComposer / Artist / Developer2022PC / Linux / Web
NOISZ STΔRLIVHTAnarch EntertainmentComposer (Additional Music)2022iOS / Android
JubileeJason Perry (finalbossblues)Composer (Title Theme)2021PC
Armored ACORNsNexcra SoftwareComposer2017Wii U

Game Jams and Mods

Project TitleRoleJam / ModYear
Treasure Tech LandComposerDOOM 2 Mod2023
First Person ShovelerComposerGodot Wild Game Jam2022
CombinoclopsComposerGodot Wild Game Jam2022
INComposer / Sound DesignerGlobal Game Jam2022
Quantum QittyComposer / Sound DesignerLudum Dare2021
JamrunnerComposer / Artist / DeveloperMy First Game Jam2021
Project M (Patch 3.6)ArrangerSmash Bros. Brawl Mod2015


Track NameAlbum / OrganizationRelease Date
Snowing ("Let it Snow" Fusion Arrange)Scarlet Moon Christmas: Volume VIINovember 22nd, 2022
A Moment of Relief (from "Resident Evil: Code Veronica")Scarlet Moon Halloween: Volume ISeptember 30th, 2022
Dreaming ("White Christmas" Fusion Arrange)Scarlet Moon Christmas: Volume VINovember 24th, 2021
Various VGM ArrangementsOverclocked ReMix2012 - 2021

Music Releases

NameTypeRelease Date
Get Funky with the BassSingleDecember 16th, 2022
Jam JamsCompilationDecember 2nd, 2022
Little Frog Game: Original SoundtrackSoundtrackMay 5th, 2022
Newt Suit RevolutionSingleJanuary 7th, 2022
Year of the FrogCompilationMay 19th, 2021
Summer Drive '95SingleMarch 4th, 2021
FRONKSingleOctober 30th, 2020
Starflight: Mission 0XEPJuly 3rd, 2020
Volume 2: press START to JAMEPMarch 7th, 2020
Starflight: Mission 01EPNovember 17th, 2017
Volume 1EPAugust 18th, 2017
The Tadpole YearsCompilationAugust 17th, 2017

The above are all available on my Bandcamp!

Some of my original music is available for licensing - get in touch if interested!